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Kenneth vs. Spencer's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Kenneth vs. Spencer

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a banned humiliation on season three? [20 Dec 2007|09:21am]



click the link and scroll all the way down to the bottom and watch "season 3 outtakes"

was spenny's humiliation a banned one?
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Question [24 Nov 2007|10:31am]

This may sound kind of creepy and you need to know the Toronto area to answer my question.

I watch a few episodes of season 1 and 2. In season 1 their house was located on sherborn (sp?) and Gerrard.
Then in season 2 they seemed to have moved to a new house. I'm not really sure where they moved though they were/are still in and around the Cabbagetown area. Are they still in their season 2 house or have the moved somewhere else? Does anyone know if they are still in the Cabbagetown area?
I live in Cabbagetown and it's fun to see my area on tv. Seeing I haven't been home for three and half months.
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Kenny vs. Spenny on Comedy Central [14 Nov 2007|10:57pm]

haha, it's been ONE YEAR since this place has had any activity, but I figured such information warranted a post here. So yes, for anyone that hasn't heard:

Good news US fans, Comedy Central will be airing Kenny vs. Spenny every Sunday at 11:30pm (10:30central)!

Hooray!! :D

I just saw the farting episode, hahahaaa So terrible, yet so wonderful.
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[10 Nov 2006|03:36pm]

I just recently started watching Kenny Vs Spenny on The Comedy Channel, and boy do I love it. Especially Spenny, he's my favourite of the two :) They just played the blindfold one yesterday and I was laughing so hard, especially att he bits where Kenny was jabbing him with the marker tied to a stick.

Although most of the time, I have to turn away for the Humiliations or risk retching all over my carpet.
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'Kenny and Spenny are here for you' FREE UofT event [07 Oct 2006|08:52pm]

the cinema studies student union at UofT is holding the event 'Kenny and Spenny are here for you' 8pm october 17 at innis college town hall. For the event, Kenny Hotz and Spencer Rice will be coming in to screen their comedydocumentary 'Pitch', a new episode from the upcoming third season of Kenny vs Spenny, and will then participate in a discussion and Q&A with the audience. Attendance is limited, and priority will be given to passholders. Passes are available while supplies last at the CINSSU office (past innis college cafe). This event is for students only. For more information, check out the "Kenny vs Spenny at UofT" facebook listing, and add CINSSU FFF as a facebook friend to stay informed about this and other cool events. I am the organizer, and unfortunately livejournal is a bit much for me, so please try to use facebook if you have any further questions. I hope to see you all there.

Cinema Studies Student Union - keep it reel. keep it free.
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[02 Jun 2006|08:12pm]

Check out my tribute to KvS on my LJ:

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NEW official Kenny Hotz store! [18 Feb 2006|05:06pm]

Hey everyone! The new official Kenny Hotz store has been launched! Please support Kenny's ever growing crack habit and buy a shirt. More things are being added every day, SO if you have any suggestions, please let us know. Feedback is always a good thing :)

Thanks for your support!! www.cafepress.com/kennyhotz

PS - kenny vs spenny stuff is coming soon & tell your friends :)

OH - and just a reminder! the Papal Chase is on tomorrow, Don't forget to watch!!
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Kenny vs Spenny - Who is the better parent? [06 Feb 2006|12:52pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Alright, how cute and funny was that episode?
Too cute and funny.
I was kind of surprised that I laughed at the abuse that Kenny inflicted upon that poor plastic infant, but I did.

I had one of those things for a project in high school, we had to have it for a week, no walk in the park I'll tell ya. I had to take mine to a dentist appointment and it cried while I was having my teeth cleaned. Not cool. I also dropped the stroller down the stairs at school when somebody bumped into me, luckily the baby wasn't in it, that would have lost me some mommy points for sure! =0)

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[03 Feb 2006|04:25pm]

[ mood | happy ]

I was going to start a Kenny vs Spenny community, but there's already one here! Right on. So hey guys!
Don't really know what to say, just thought I'd throw in a post since I am now a member of this community.
Nice to see there are lots of fans around!

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[10 Jan 2006|10:47pm]

Hey all, just wanted to let all of those Kenny fans out there know that i've started a lj community if anyone is interested in joining :) thanks for taking the time to read this! hope to see some of you soon!

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Kenny Vs. Spenny: Season TWO [16 Dec 2005|09:08pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Does anyone have an idea as to when season two is scheduled to be released?

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rat race [16 Dec 2005|03:06pm]

[ mood | curious ]

i didn't see rat race episode, but my sister told me about it. i want to see pictures of this giant rat that they raced. does anyone know what kind of rat it was?

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[08 Dec 2005|07:51pm]

Kenny vs. Spenny is amazing! I've been watching it since it debuted on CBC, and now I watch it on Showcase.

I felt so bad for that girl (I think her name was Donna) on the "Who Can Kiss the Most Girls?" competition episode. She was so flirting with Spenny, and must have been crushed when he freaked out on her.
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Worth a shot [08 Dec 2005|12:58am]

Hey everyone,

I love Kenny vs. Spenny. Sadly, I missed the episode with the old people. I think it was three weeks back? I would love, love, love to see it because I know someone who appeared in that episode! If anyone has a copy online, I would be eternally grateful. Bit Torrent doesn't seem to carry Kenny vs. Spenny at all which is a damn shame :/
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Interview with Kenny and Spencer! [27 Nov 2005|11:50am]

[ mood | excited ]

Gord from TVshowsonDVD.com gets all sorts of cool interviews! (he had one awhile back with Seth McFarland, another favorite of mine)

Anyhoo, here's you go! http://www.tvshowsondvd.com/newsitem.cfm?NewsID=4556

I love their opening lines, hahaha

Spenny: Hey Gord, it's Spenny and idiot.

Kenny: The funny, good-looking one.


on another note: BOOOO, stupid GSN has stopped showing it AGAIN..... hmm, no, wait, they just changed the time slot again. It used to be on Saturday night, but now it's on But geez, that's never a good sign when your network keeps moving you around like that :/ (edit: nevermind, I'm an idiot. hahah it only moved one hour forward, due to daylight savings. haaa [in Hawaii, we don't observe daylight savings time, so the only major effect it has on us, is that cable programming shifts forward or backward, haha]) but hopefully with the DVD coming out they'll try to push the show more again (remember when it was on like 5 days a week?? those were the days. [yes, all of a couple of months ago, haha])

and on yet another note: I love how poor Spenny is even getting his ass kicked on LJ (Who can get more fans on Livejournal? hahah), with Kenny having 7 people listing him as an interest, while only one person listing Spencer, haha I was gonna add him, but I need to make room in my list ^_^;;

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[20 Nov 2005|01:06am]
Wow, They're actually serious!

Any in Canada already have it?
Any in US have it pre-ordered? It's on my Christmas list. :]
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DVD release date pushed back AGAIN :/ + last night's episode [23 Oct 2005|01:54am]

So NOW the release date has been changed to November 8th for Canada and December 6th for the US. Boooo!! I wonder what could be causing all these changes :O if it's technical/for legal reasons, or due to content! (The Tom Green box set seems to be from the same DVD production company, as their release dates have always been the same/pushed back as well... so maybe it's a technical/legal thing. Hmm.)

from TVshowsonDVD.com

and now a few comments about last night's episodeCollapse )
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[13 Oct 2005|11:40am]
If you're in Canada, Kenny vs. Spenny will start airing on Showcase, premiering on October 16th at 9:30PM ET/PT.

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damn that kenny, hahah [09 Oct 2005|06:45pm]

re: last night's episodeCollapse )

Also! Man, that sucks that the DVD release date has been postponed to the end of the month!! :/ (October 25th, I believe, for anyone that didn't hear)
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just don't film my penis [10 Sep 2005|11:25pm]

[ mood | amused ]

ohhhh man. Did you guys watch the armless episode?? cut for those who didn't see it!Collapse )

I can't wait for the DVD!!! :D less than a month away!!!!

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